Open banking phone screen
Open banking phone screen

Open banking provider. With added Klarna.

Scalable. Proven. Smoooth.

Klarna Kosma is one of the most scalable and proven open banking providers in the world. We provide the connections to 15000 banks, so you can focus on your innovative end user solutions.


banks and growing our connectivity


countries with at least 95% coverage in each one


Experience our demo.

In our live Open Banking Demo you will be able to login with your bank account and retrieve information from your account such as the IBAN, Account Number, balances and payments history of the last months.

Financial services.

Open Banking providers that boost your business.

Our single API helps you build financial services and create new user experiences your customers will love. You manage the requirements of PSD2 and leave the rest to us. Check out what other companies have done to boost their business with Open Banking provided by Klarna.

Phone screen investments overview
Round up and invest

Peaks use Klarna’s AIS & PIS to make investing accessible for everyone in Germany. Every time a user makes a purchase the Peaks app automatically rounds up the amount to the next Euro, investing the difference in a sustainable portfolio of ETFs.

Smart savings and low fees

Lysa is one of the leading advisors in the Nordics. With new technology and Klarna’s AIS and PIS solutions, Lysa offers smart savings accounts that automatically invest their customers money with high diversification and ultra low fees.

Find the right business loan

Krea helps companies find the best possible loan. Integrated with Klarna’s Open Banking Platform, Krea customers are able to connect their bank data directly to their loan applications.

Kameo | Investment opportunities for all
Investment opportunities for all

Kameo is Scandinavia’s leading real estate investment platform. Through its platform, Kameo provides credit to small and medium-sized businesses and real estate projects, financed by thousands of investors. With Klarna's Open Banking solution, investors can pay their investments directly from their bank accounts.

Trusted apps that are built and scaling the Klarna Kosma way.

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Airbank | Kosma
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Our PSD2 Licence or yours.

As trusted open banking providers, we stand for secure, safe and smooth connections to your customers’ bank accounts with a simple, intuitive user interface. So long as you’re compliant with PSD2, we’re happy to work with you as a Klarna branded solution or as part of a white label integration. Whichever works best for your business.

One API. Three Products.

All the tools you need to offer a great user experience, without compromising security or compliance. We’ll never hinder your ability to collect, handle or process bank account information.

SEB login phone screen
Account Information Service (AIS).

Use our Account Information Service and periodically retrieve bank account data. Offer tailor-made smart financial services for your customers with their consent.

Authorization phone screen
Payment Initiation Service (PIS).

Integrate payments seamlessly into your product with our Payment Initiation Service. Move funds from one bank account to another. If SEPA instant payments are supported by the bank, you can transfer funds immediately.

Credit application overview phone screen
Account Insights.

Turn simple bank statements into unique insights and exciting customer experiences.

Help users budget and understand their money. Remove paperwork from loans. Compare rates and prices or simply build the world's favourite financial service. Whatever you want to do, Klarna are open banking providers that have you covered.

Why Klarna Kosma?

More reach than the rest.

Nobody can match our coverage across Europe.

More experience.

We’ve been connecting banks since 2005, long before PSD2.

More transactions.

With more than 200M PIS transactions a year, nobody else comes close.

More delight.

Our front end design gives you superior conversion, fast.

More brand flexibility.

Already got your bank licence? With our white label solution, you can build on top of our API and customise it to fit your brand.

More easy.

Simple integration, maintenance and documentation in a full-specced development and testing environment.


Available all around Europe and USA.

Klarna Kosma is already available in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, UK and USA. And it’s coming to more places soon.

Plug into the power of Klarna.