Deliver the best player experience.

Whisk players through the signup process, getting them playing in no time, and offer them in-game payments.

The challenge.

Onboarding players smoothly, maximizing successful deposits, paying out winnings quickly, and cutting fraud.

Failed payments.

High rates of card failures can lead to frustration and drive customers away.

Delayed rewards.

Nothing upsets players more than delays in getting their rewards.


Stolen or shared credentials can make it harder to ID your customer.

How can Kosma help.

Ante up.

Our bank connectivity lets players deposit their stakes quickly and effortlessly.

Show me the money.

Instant withdrawal of rewards gives players the confidence keep playing.

Streamlined registration.

Smart automation makes sure that signups are super-quick and stay compliant.

Discover our products.

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Account Verification.

Get it right the first time, every time.

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Bank Transfer.

Initiate bank transfers online.

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SOFORT Bank Transfer.

The account-to-account payment method that allows your customers to pay directly and securely using just their online banking details.

Why Klarna Kosma?

Unbeatable reach.

Our financial institution coverage is one of the biggest in the market with the highest conversion rate.

We have done this before.

We’ve been connecting financial institutions since 2005, long before PSD2.

A proven and stable platform.

With more than 1 billion transactions on our platform, nobody else comes close.

Peerless UX.

Our front-end design and user experience give you superior conversion.

Easy peasy.

Simple integration, maintenance and documentation in a full-specced development and testing environment.

Best-in-class conversion rates.

We only offer you the best, that's why our solutions offer you top-notch conversion rates.

Widest coverage. Best in class conversion rates.

Available all around Europe.


markets live. We’ve got you covered with financial institution connections in 27 countries around the world giving you access to at least 95% of bank accounts.


financial institutions connected and growing! Benefit from our extensive coverage and best-in-class conversion rates.


bank coverage in each market we cover.