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Smoooth and secure identification.
Cut costs, boost conversion and simplify user experience:
Kosma ID provides a fast, user-friendly and complete onboarding flow.

More than just a digital identification method.

Kosma ID AML combines digital user identifications with additional digital services in an unmatched user experience. Discover how Kosma ID improves your user's identification experience and your digital services with one API.


No more queues, no more talking to agents. With Kosma ID, users can experience real-time digital identifications at any time, fast to complete even during peak hours or bank holidays. Our streamlined flow guides users through the process and quickly sends them on their way so they can start using your services. Smoooth.

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One partner, infinite possibilities.

No one does open banking like us. Our single API allows you to easily combine user identification with all kinds of digital services like top-ups, credit checks, account verification, and more. Growing your business shouldn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

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Unmatched experience.

By engaging us you choose a partner that offers more than just another digital identification method. As a credit institution, we are submitted to the same regulatory obligations and therefore can add all our own experience in relation to user identifications and compliance with Anti-Money Laundering laws.

Why Kosma ID?


Our guided verification process increases conversion rates.


Our years of experience make us the perfect partner.


24/7 availability so your business grows effortlessly.


Fast and convenient integration of other digital services.


Extensive identity document coverage provides flexibility.


Engage Klarna and comply with AML laws.

Kosma ID

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Multiple security layers.

Kosma ID combines identity verification and open banking to provide enhanced protection against fraud. Multiple checks, multiple layers of security. It is the perfect match for forward-thinking companies that need to identify their customers in accordance with the requirements of local anti-money laundering laws.

Kosma ID’s security features combine:

Double name matching
Facial recognition
Payment initiation
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One flow, all your needs.

Build a smoooth user flow by combining multiple services in addition to identification and verification, all through one API. With Kosma ID, you can deliver a great experience for your users without compromising your conversion rates. Onboard new users, verify bank accounts, check income details and identity documents, as well as enable easy top-up.

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Secure your business with Kosma ID today.