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NEW Get started

Get started with Klarna Kosma.

Ready to start open banking with Kosma? Everything you need is right here, whether you want to start making API calls, play around testing our products or just talk to our sales team.

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Start developing.

Visit our Playground Environment to experiment with dummy data.

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Experience our demo.

Login to your bank account and retrieve open banking info.

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Talk to our sales team.

Our open banking experts are here for you. Get in touch today.


Let's go. Make your first API call within 5 minutes in three easy steps.

1. Get API access.

Create a token to access all the possibilities our one-stop API has to offer.

2. Make your first API call.

Start testing our API with the help of our quickstart guide.

3. Get insights.

Optimize your integration with valuable insights into your API calls.

The widest coverage.


banks connected and growing.


countries with at least 95% coverage in each one.


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