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For developers

Start building.

Our developer tools and resources will get you up and running right away, so you can start creating best-in-class products. With added Klarna Kosma.

Why working with us and our API is easy.

Playground environment for a fast and easy start.

Start testing and developing right away in our playground environment by signing in to our Partner Portal .

Extensive documentation.

All the relevant documentation you need for quick reference and in-depth understanding.

1 API for all your use cases.

One API, a whole new world of possibilities. Our single API covers all your needs.

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Noteworthy features of our API.

+ RESTful API.

+ OAuth compatible.

+ Create your own UI, or plug & play with our proven interface.

+ Full-featured development environment.

+ Extensive API documentation.

white label vs branded

Klarna branded vs. white label.

As trusted open banking providers, we stand for secure, safe and smoooth connections to your customers’ bank accounts with a simple, intuitive user interface. So as long as you’re compliant with PSD2, we’re happy to work with you as a Klarna branded solution or as part of our white label solution with which you can build on top of our API and customize it to fit your brand. Whichever works best for your business.


Try our smoooth demo.

Try our Account Information Service (AIS) and Payment Initiation Service (PIS) flows. Our live open banking demo will let you login with your bank account and retrieve information from your account, such as the IBAN, account number, balances, and recent transaction history. You’ll also be able to get a taste of our payment initiation service flow by donating a small amount to a charity of your choice.

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Play with it. Get onboarded.

Safely play with dummy data for a taste of our smoooth flow on our Playground environment and start building today.

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Full documentation.

Everything you need to know about integrating Klarna Kosma’s services, including a detailed API reference manual.

Why Klarna Kosma?

Unbeatable reach.

Our financial institution coverage is one of the biggest in the market with the highest conversion rate.

We have done this before.

We’ve been connecting financial institutions since 2005, long before PSD2.

A proven and stable platform.

With more than 1 billion transactions on our platform, nobody else comes close.

Peerless UX.

Our front-end design and user experience give you superior conversion.

Flexible branding.

Already got your bank license? With our white-label solution, you can build on top of our API and customize it to fit your brand.

Easy peasy.

Simple integration, maintenance and documentation in a full-specced development and testing environment.

Best-in-class conversion rates.

We only offer you the best, that's why our solutions offer you top-notch conversion rates.

Widest coverage. Best in class conversion rates.

Available all around Europe.


markets live. We’ve got you covered with financial institution connections in 27 countries around the world giving you access to at least 95% of bank accounts.


financial institutions connected and growing! Benefit from our extensive coverage and best-in-class conversion rates.


bank coverage in each market we cover.

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