buddy x klarna kosma
buddy x klarna kosma

Buddy & Klarna Kosma.

How Buddy fuelled a 52% rise in active users with Klarna Kosma.

Superpowering one of the world’s most popular budgeting apps for young people with open banking.

With more than 3 million users worldwide, Buddy is the fastest-growing budgeting app on the App Store. It aims to be the ultimate financial companion for young people by offering a simple way to build and share budgets, track expenses, and better understand overall financial health. Before partnering with Kosma, users manually added and updated their financial data in the app – a time-consuming process, which is also prone to error. Partnering with Kosma allowed Buddy users can safely connect their bank accounts - checking account balances in real-time, monitoring their spending, and setting up payment reminders, all from the app.


MAU growth since Kosma partnership.


retention rate on day 1 of Klarna Kosma go-live.


of premium users are already using the (paid) feature.

Group 176

We’re giving users peace of mind in knowing that their Buddy app is always up-to-date, which results in much better budgeting visibility.

Olle Lind, Buddy's Founder, and CEO.

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