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All you need to know and more about the Open Banking industry and its latest news, all of it with a touch of Klarna Kosma.

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The Ultimate Guide to Open Banking Lingo

Navigate through this simple but comprehensive guide the team at Klarna Kosma has put together to help you along your way and get to grips with key open banking terminology.

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A STEP2 in the right direction.

Participants in STEP2 have laid the groundwork for faster delivery of euro payments with the migration to a new continuous gross settlement mechanism.

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Open Banking reconciliation: Take back control of payments

Payment service providers (PSPs) make it easy for merchants to offer a range of payment options for their customers. But providing this flexibility at checkout can also make it more complicated for merchants to reconcile payments. In today's blog, we introduce payments reconciliation.

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What is Open Banking?

Everything you need to know about Open Banking from how it works to how it is regulated. We cover the basics and more on our blog.

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SCA-RTS changes. What does this mean for Open Banking providers?

All banks and third-party providers delivering digital or mobile banking services in Europe must adhere to  changes to customer authentication rules  over the next four months. But how can they turn these regulations to their advantage?

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Meet Daria Berdnikova, our Business Development Manager for the DACH region.

Daria joined Klarna Kosma's Open Banking team just over eight months ago and, it’s fair to say, has hit the ground running. She gives us the inside track on what she’s learnt so far about Klarna Kosma.

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The 1000 Flavours of Open Banking

Discover the different open banking standards across the world, and how Klarna Kosma can help you navigate them.

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Can Klarna be Open Banking's game-changer?

Ahead of the launch of Klarna Kosma, a new Open Banking brand, The Paypers interviews Wilko Klaassen, the company’s VP Business Development, who reveals how Klarna’s disruptive DNA can help partners shake up the Open Banking market with new data applications.

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Klarna Open Banking goes live in the UK

Following Klarna’s recent partnership with UK cross-border money transfer provider, Kaoshi , we’ve opened the doors to secure access to data and financial innovation for Britain’s big banks, FinTechs and third-party providers.

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Black Friday – record PIS volumes

As shoppers flocked to their favourite online stores to stock-up for Christmas and grabbed the hottest deals, Klarna enjoyed front-row seats to the busiest Black Friday in history.

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Will COVID-19 impact Open Banking lending?

Join us as we explore how consumers can harness the power of Open Banking to access fair and affordable finance when they need it most. Despite the devastating social and economic impacts of COVID-19, times of necessity can accelerate innovation and prompt new opportunities to shape an era of progressive change.

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Open Banking Demo 2.0

Christmas came early this year with the launch of our new and improved demo to showcase Klarna’s smoooth Open Banking solutions.

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The EBA is right – banks need to do more when it comes to PSD2.

Anders Karlsson, responsible for our direct bank transfer product  open banking solution  at Klarna explains what these two have in common.

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