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Open banking in the age of AI.

With ChatGPT sparking a surge of interest in AI, we take a look at how machine learning models are changing the future of banking.

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Open banking safari

Much like the dry savanna plains or cold arctic tundra, the world of open banking is a demanding and uncharted environment that requires bravery, ambition, and preparedness to explore its potential. Keep reading to join us on this open banking safari.

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Is open banking safe?

With open banking set to become the standard for how we access our financial data and make payments, it’s worth taking some time to answer an obvious question: Is open banking safe?

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Decoding the jargon: Open banking explained for fintechs.

As a fintech, whether you’re struggling to convert customers with existing payment systems or looking for a trusted solution to bypass a complex process, open banking gives you access to a network of regulated banks — and all it takes is a few lines of code.

How to choose an open banking provider.

Finding the right open banking platform is all about choosing a provider that opens doors to the most opportunities, without compromising reliability or security. Read our blog to find out how to choose the right open banking provider for your business.

AIS re-authentication extended to 180 days.

The EU has taken an important step in easing frictions for account information services by reducing the frequency of re-authentication. Read the published changes in our blog.

Five ways multibanking is changing banking.
Five ways multibanking is changing banking.

While the sensitivity of financial information means traditional banking services require siloed security systems that customers traditionally access through bank-owned branches, websites and apps, open banking has opened the door to a new era of multibanking.

Open banking grants millennials credit choice.

Under a third of millennials own a credit card. Instead, according to recent research, Millennials prefer more sustainable financing options, such as interest-free buy now pay later (BNPL), which helps consumers stay on top of their payments with structured payment plans.

Key highlights from the Open Banking & Open Finance trends report.

If you missed the Open Banking & Open Finance trends report, we've compiled the key highlights from the 2022 Q2 report here.