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Open banking provider. With added Klarna.

Scalable. Proven. Smoooth. Plug your business into the power of Klarna.

We're one of the most scalable and proven open banking providers in the world.

We provide connections to 15.000 financial institutions, so you can focus on your innovative end-user solutions


financial institutions connected and growing.


markets covered and counting.


bank coverage in each market.

Our products.

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Account verification.

Automatically check that bank account numbers are real and belong to the user during the signup process.

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Bank Transfer.

Initiate banking payments through a fully customizable white label solution under your bank license.

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Business Transactions Management.

Stay on top of everything. Simplify how you manage your business’s finances.

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Connect your business to different bank accounts from multiple banks and access them in a single place.

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Risk management.

Understand your customer’s finances and notice potential risk elements based on data insights.


Check the name, age, address, accounts and/or other data of your customer by receiving verified user data and identity attributes via our Kosma platform.

Why Klarna Kosma?

Unbeatable reach.

Our financial institution coverage is one of the biggest in the market with the highest conversion rate.

We have done this before.

We’ve been connecting financial institutions since 2005, long before PSD2.

A proven and stable platform.

With more than 1 billion transactions on our platform, nobody else comes close.

Peerless UX.

Our front-end design and user experience give you superior conversion.

Easy peasy.

Simple integration, maintenance and documentation in a full-specced development and testing environment.

Best-in-class conversion rates.

We only offer you the best, that's why our solutions offer you top-notch conversion rates.

Widest coverage. Best in class conversion rates.

Available all around Europe.


markets live. We’ve got you covered with financial institution connections in 27 countries around the world giving you access to at least 95% of bank accounts.


financial institutions connected and growing! Benefit from our extensive coverage and best-in-class conversion rates.


bank coverage in each market we cover.

Meet some of our partners.



Klarna’s payment initiation service method is optimized for new and returning bank transfer users, allowing them to benefit from Klarna Kosma's open banking capability to leverage so-called PIS-only flows.



Peaks uses Klarna Kosma’s AIS and PIS open banking solutions to make investing accessible for everyone in Germany and The Netherlands. Every time a user makes a purchase the Peaks app automatically rounds up the amount to the next Euro, investing the difference in a sustainable portfolio of ETFs.



Lysa is one of the leading advisors in the Nordics. With new technology and Klarna Kosma’s AIS and PIS open banking solutions, Lysa offers smart savings accounts that automatically invest their customer's money with high diversification and ultra-low fees.



Krea helps companies find the best possible loan. Integrated with Klarna Kosma’s Open Banking and Data Platform, Krea customers are able to connect their bank data directly to their loan applications.



Kameo is Scandinavia’s leading real estate investment platform. Through its platform, Kameo provides credit to small and medium-sized businesses and real estate projects, financed by thousands of investors. With Klarna Kosma's open banking solution, investors can pay their investments directly from their bank accounts.

Airbank | Klarna Kosma

Friday Finance

Open banking enables Friday Finance to aggregate its customers’ bank accounts in one place, providing a real-time overview of their business operations that used to be reserved for large corporations. By marrying this overview with features like automated pre-accounting, cash flow and forecasting, the ability to make payments, and cash advance, Friday Finance has built a hub where all financial decisions of SMBs are made.

Used by many.

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Solutions by industry.

Our Kosma Open Banking and Data Platform helps you find the best solution for your business. Discover how can Klarna Kosma power your game-changing ideas.



Quickly deliver an engaging digital banking solution with a single API.



Open banking payment initiation gives your customers more choice at a lower cost.

iGaming | Klarna Kosma


Whisk players through the signup process, getting them playing in no time, and offer them in-game payments.



Improve efficiency, cut costs and deliver tailored solutions with direct banking payments and our identification solution.


Payment Service Providers

Let users send and receive direct bank payments from within your app or website.



Onboard customers and verify their identity quickly, and enable instant, low-cost money transfers.